About Linda Garvin


Linda Garvin is a seasoned Nurse Health and Elder Care Advocate and founder of Patient Advocate Bay Area, Inc. She has 30+ years of health care experience. Linda is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts where she earned her MSN degree in Nursing and her Adult Nurse Practitioner training with honors. Linda has a Masters Degree in Gerontology.

Through her private advocacy practice, Linda assists individuals in navigating the complexities of their health care problems. From developing a treatment plan, to building a treatment team, to assistance with second opinions and preventing health crises and unnecessary hospitalizations, Linda is available to help aging individuals with their health challenges.

Some of the services Linda provides:

  • Be a set of local “eyes and ears” for family members that live out of state
  • Accompany to doctors visits with questions
  • Provide recommendations for long term planning; manage chronic care conditions
  • Provide home and hospital visits; Provide visits at assisted living facilities
  • Develop questions for evaluating assisted living facilities

The Benefits of working with Linda:

  • Explore which health care options are right for you
  • Help you prevent health crises and unnecessary hospitalizations
  • Research your potential treatment options and help you determine the pros and cons so you can chose the best health option for yourself
  • Proactive education to prevent and protect you from medical mistakes, including hospital acquired infections
  • Communicate your health care needs to medical team and exchange information with family members    
  • Allegiance is with you “the client”



Patient Advocate Bay Area, Inc. does not provide medical advice or recommend treatment
and is not a substitute for your physician.